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Celebrating our Surroundings through "Wonders Untouched"

“In the right hands, photography shows us the world in a way that makes us see what we never noticed before, it helps us make realizations and reach conclusions that we may not have come to otherwise, and, finally, it opens our eyes to what we can see when we really stop and look. Carolyn Mink’s work inspires a sense of awe for our surroundings and an eagerness to see the world from her lens.” (excerpt from statement on Carolyn’s work)

Heritage Hall was honored to hold an opening reception for Carolyn Mink’s exhibit, “Wonders Untouched”, last night. While Carolyn’s unaltered photographs “show us the world as it actually exists in new and striking ways”, yesterday evening allowed us to gather and appreciate our often forgotten surroundings through the eye of an award-winning artist. Carolyn offered insights into how she notices a scene, carefully approaches her compositions, and ultimately captures a moment that repeatedly commands our attention. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at the museum where we enjoyed a night of art, discussion, and delicious refreshments!

Please visit us at Heritage Hall between now and June 30th to see this exhibit for yourself! Also, visit our Current Exhibits page to read more about Carolyn and her work.

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