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Artist Statement

Carolyn Mink

“As a child, I was fascinated with the little black box which produced photos.  As cameras changed, my interest and love of photography grew.” -Carolyn Mink


Carolyn Mink grew up with an interest in photography and began her photographic career in 1983 when she bought her first camera, which was a Canon AEI Programmer. Carolyn’s work has been published through 28 different sources since 1990, she has been exhibiting her work since 1987, and she has established herself as an award-winning photographer, being recognized and awarded consistently from the start of her photography career.


Carolyn has lived in nine different states since she began taking pictures, and her exposure to a variety of settings allowed her to develop a photographic style and skillset. Carolyn’s eye is drawn to natural landscapes as well as to old places and possessions that are disappearing and being forgotten to time. While Carolyn’s photographs are unaltered, she manages to show us the world as it actually exists in a new and striking way. Carolyn’s keen ability to recognize the significance of a scene, set up the perfect composition and capture a moment that makes us stop and notice the extraordinary aspects of our everyday lives calls us back to the art of photography. In the right hands, photography shows us the world in a way that makes us see what we never noticed before, it helps us make realizations and reach conclusions that we may not have come to otherwise, and, finally, it opens our eyes to what we can see when we really stop and look. Carolyn Mink’s work inspires a sense of awe for our surroundings and an eagerness to see the world from her lens.

"Wonders Untouched"

Photographs by:

Carolyn Mink

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June 5th - June 30th 

Don't miss this beautiful exhibit of unaltered photographs by Carolyn Mink


"People of the Permanent Collection"

A Rotating Exhibit from

The Museum's Collection

Arist Statement
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