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Two formal gallery spaces are located on the main floor. Gift shop and dining room wall space can be utilized for smaller exhibits. Lower galleries in the souterrain are most often used for workshops and classes, as well as permanent collection rotations.


The front door opens into a light-filled space with soaring 18ft ceilings. The open layout of both galleries allows for significant flexibility in arranging exhibits.


The “Foyer Gallery” is the culmination of the open foyer, separated by ceiling-high columns, creating an elegant but cozy exhibition space, ideal for smaller exhibits. Lighting is very good, with a large window centered in the space. The measurements are 23ft wide by 17ft deep.  


The “Fireplace Gallery” is a large gallery space off the foyer to the left. Columns flanking the entrance achieve the architectural separation of this space from the foyer. Light floods the space throughout the day, with 2 large triple windows (straight bows) and 4 individual windows 10 feet high. The measurements are 40ft wide by 18ft deep.


The galleries lend themselves to hanging large works considering the 18ft ceiling height and generous proportions of the space.  Dramatic displays of sculptures, pottery and other fine art can be accommodated.

About the Space
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