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Reflections: Nanda's Journey and the Art of the Sari

It was with a heavy heart that we brought down the beautiful spring exhibit 2023, Nanda’s Journey with the ART of the Sari.

Nanda's Art Journey Overview Part 1 of 4. Video by Audra Gray. 2,3,4 can be viewed on Nanda Patels Artist Spotlight.

The ART, the stories and the beauty of the exhibit were invigorating and thought provoking to all of us who experienced it. The exhibit brought the museum an estimated 1,200 – 1,500 visitors. More importantly to me, many of us started talking to one another, marveling at the workmanship and the beauty of the exhibit. At the same time we learned about each other’s cultural background, our similarities and our differences and walked out having enjoyed the visit and learned something.

Nanda herself added a number of gallery talks for visitors and friends from across the region and the USA. We even had some international exposure through face-timing during one of her talks. Below are some images to remind us and a link to a brief video walkthrough.


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