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KidsART 2024 showcases the best of the Art in the Schools program.


The Art in the Schools program is a partnership program with the Talladega City schools and co-sponsored by the Jemison Carnegie Foundation. Heritage Hall Museum artists teach 4,5 and 6th grades Art every year. The exhibit opened today with the awards ceremony and will be at Heritage Hall until August 9.  The artwork will be returned to the schools by the middle of August.  The teachers selected 250 of over 1,000 art pieces to be displayed. Heritage Hall Museum selected 14 pieces for special museum awards.  Dr Quentin Lee, Superintendent of Talladega City Schools, selected 4 special Superintendent awards.

Heritage Hall Museum award recipients receive medals and a scholarship to Arts Camp:

Usizyah Roberson, 4th grade 

Stonie Scott, 5th grade 

Amelia Whitson, 4th grade 

Dezanique Ragland, 4th grade

Kelsie Servant, 6th grade

Keara Samaroo, 5th grade

Arian Abarea Chavez, 6th grade

Lilly Kay Creswell, 5th grade

Pricila Gasper, 5th grade

Jaxon Dates, 6th grade

MacKenzie Brown, 4th grade

Malachai Geir, 6th grade 

Superintendent Awardees will see their pieces displayed at the Board or Education building at the old Graham school, the opening is targeted for August 2024. It will hang there for a year and then be returned to the families. The award winners are:

Uziyah Roberson, 4th grade

Honesty Taylor, 6th grade

Ayanah Mahan, 6th grade

Preslee Williams, 6th grade

For More about the Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall Museum and Art Center visit


Photos by Nikki Baker


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