Exhibiting "Between": An Evening with Russell Everett

A contagious sense of excitement describes Russell Everett’s reception yesterday evening. As Heritage Hall and the Talladega community welcomed Russell and his work to the museum, we enjoyed a talk from the artist about the exhibit and where his career began. We also appreciated an evening of community fellowship and live music with the Lizard Scrape Mountain Loafers. The night was teeming with awe over how one exhibit could encompass such a variety of media and subject-matter, all of which Russell described during his art talk, explaining how his subject-matter and style reflect what he’s feeling and thinking at the time. For example, some works originate from a sense of fear and apprehensi

Arts Enrichment at the Boys and Girls Club

Heritage Hall just completed its first Art Camp with the Boys and Girls Club at Commissioner’s Park in Brecon. The kids worked with clay and were introduced to pottery by Joe and Kelly Williams. They had art classes with Sandra Holm where they drew and completed many different projects, and they also worked together to complete a mural in the club’s gym, which was led by Sarah Dunn. The students spent two days a week for the month of June attending these sessions and, over the course of the month, their interest and enthusiasm grew as they saw their projects completed and recognized their improvement. After once again experiencing how confidence, curiosity, and excitement can originate from

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