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Printmaking with PaperWorkers Local

If you made it to our opening reception for “Printmakers” yesterday evening, you probably realize what a truly impressive collection of work we have here at the museum this summer. We are exhibiting the work of artists from PaperWorkers Local, a printmaking co-operative of Birmingham, AL.

Just walking through the gallery offers an opportunity to learn about the printmaking processes of 13 different artists with unique styles and subject-matter. Each artwork was created using a specific process and none were developed without an unwavering attention to detail. The work of these printmakers is nothing less than a labor of love and will hopefully inspire our visitors to discover their own process of self-expression.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us, especially the artists themselves who took the time answer questions and explain how they do what they do.

Please make it out to Heritage Hall between now and July 27 to enjoy and appreciate the work from the artists of PaperWorkers Local! We hope to see you soon!

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