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Defining "Limitless" Through Art

Hosting the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind students and teachers, as well as the Talladega community as a whole at last night’s reception proved to be a rewarding experience. We are currently exhibiting the Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama, which displays work by students across the state who have visual impairments. We are also exhibiting “Limitless”, which offers views from and insights into how students learn and create in their art classes at the Alabama School for the Blind, Alabama School for the Deaf, and the Helen Keller School. “Limitless” also exhibits quick facts about AIDB along with their new promotional video. The museum was filled to capacity with students from AIDB. We were able to enjoy impressive work created and inspired in the classroom, and we all appreciated words from Dr. Mascia describing the role and importance of AIDB to our entire community.

While the Helen Keller Art Show exhibits work by students with visual impairments—at least half of those students being from AIDB—it not only speaks to the talent, creativity, love of learning, and independence of the students, but also stands as an example of art’s role in our community and individual lives. Art is all-inclusive in nature and fosters curiosity and independence; it encourages us to recognize that we are all creative, capable, and deeply feeling individuals seeking to communicate the beauty that we sense on a daily basis. In this way, we see how art bridges whatever imaginary gaps we place between ourselves and others. Walking through this exhibit, we see beautiful and inventive work; we see pieces that express what we love, dream about, and how similar we are, particularly in “Friendship is Colorblind” and “We Are Family”.

Thank you to UAB’s Vision Center for putting this annual show together, and thank you to AIDB for working with Heritage Hall to communicate how your students and teachers work and how much the students contribute to and are a part of our community. We hope to facilitate a space that constantly honors creatives and all community members, so please visit the museum between now and October 13th to see this exhibit and support the arts in our community.

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