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Enriching the Permanent Collection: Jemison Carnegie Foundation Purchase for the Permanent Collectio

Time is flying! The Watercolor Society of Alabama’s 76th National Exhibit is coming to an end. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, or would like to come again, please visit the museum to see the show before it comes down on Friday, May 19th.

Heritage Hall also wants to extend a big thank-you to the Foundation for purchasing a piece from the watercolor exhibit for the permanent collection. We would like to offer a special thanks to Russell Bowden, Mary Fountain, Dr. Anne Davis, and Lynn Dunn for selecting the piece that will now be part of the permanent collection for the enjoyment of our community. The chosen painting is titled, “Reminiscing”, by artist Tuva Stephens.

Tuva Stephens is from Tennessee and is a National and International award winning artist. Tuva has received countless awards and is a Bronze member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama. Tuva’s piece, “Reminiscing”, not only displays a command of the medium, but also provokes an instantaneous emotional reaction. The portrait projects a powerful presence that seems to translate to the viewer. Although the subject of the painting is not looking at us, this piece creates a sense of intimacy, and we are immediately familiar with the subject and are able to feel connected with his presence. Please visit Tuva’s website here to see her work and find out more about this accomplished artist.

Thank you again to the Foundation and all of our friends for helping us to facilitate an exhibit as powerful and far-reaching as The Watercolor Society of Alabama’s 76th National Exhibit. We hope to see you at the museum before the closing date!

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