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A Collection of Captivating Work: “Stately Focus”& “F.U.N.”

Heritage Hall is eager to announce our upcoming January exhibit!!! We will be featuring three artists: David Green, Wanda Green, and Sue Robertson. David Green and Wanda Green are photographers and will be showing a collection of work that captures different aspects of Alabama. The show is titled, “Stately Focus”, and through it we may observe our state from the perspective of two artists whose work not only offers beauty, but also invokes an appreciating for and unique understanding of our everyday surroundings. Wanda and David present a stunning collection of images where we may see each of their artistic visions realized. To read more about their approach and concepts, please see Wanda’s artist statement HERE, and please read David’s HERE. Also, visit their websites:

In addition to “Stately Focus”, we will be featuring artist, Sue Robertson, whose exhibit is titled, “F.U.N.”. Sue is a painter and mixed media artist whose work is expressive and captivating. Sue’s style is eclectic and depicts subject matter ranging from landscapes to abstract work that effectively translates her intent: “to have fun with every subject matter, color and brush stroke.” The collection is striking, and Sue's excitement may be sensed through each piece. We are excited to feature this collection of work to start off the year!!! To read more of Sue’s artist statement, please click HERE.

The exhibit will be up from January 10th-February 3rd, and the opening reception will be held on Thursday, January 12th from 5:30-7:30 PM. We hope to see you there!!!

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