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"stately focus" photographs


david Green & Wanda green

"f.u.n." paintings


Sue robertson


"f.u.n." :

paintings by sue robertson

January 9th - February 3rd 

Artist Statement by Sue Robertson

“Isn’t fun the best thing to have?”

-from the 1981 movie, “Arthur”


          Dudley Moore’s quip expresses how I feel about my art. I have fun with every subject-matter, color, and brushstroke. Working with acrylic paint and materials such as paper and fabric, I try to give each piece its own unique texture. My style is constantly evolving, reflecting my surroundings and mood and the colors I choose to work with at that moment. My work is also affected by inspiring well-known artists of today and times past, as well as by some incredible local artists. Beth Bradley, in particular, has mentored me as a painter for the past few years and has helped me develop into the artist I am today. I am very grateful for her as a teacher and a friend.

"stately focus"

photographs by​ 

Award-winning Photographers

  david Green & wanda Green


January 9th - February 3rd  

Artist Statement by

David Green

Wanda Green

Stately Focus
David Green

 Artist Statement by David Green

Photography is my passion.  I am never more comfortable, more relaxed, nor more in touch with myself, than when seeing the world through my viewfinder. Whatever I am seeing, no matter how small or large, that image will exist for only a fleeting moment.  My job—no, my calling—is to capture that moment in time, and I strive to encapsulate that image perfectly. My desire is not merely to capture a scene, but to capture feeling and emotion.


A photograph freezes the subject in time, allowing the viewer to slowly appreciate it for all it is.  If I am successful with my thoughts, my preparation, my technique, then the viewer will see the beautiful colors, discover the textures, and marvel at the lighting that I saw. We are surrounded by beauty every day, but, in our rush, how often do we slow down and appreciate it? Even the mundane is beautiful if studied. Through my lens, I try and force the viewer to see it.  I want them to see it as I did the moment I pressed that button and captured it for them.  Through the magic that is camera, lens, and imagination, I do that.

David is an award-winning photographer, and has recently made selected works available at :

 Artist Statement by Wanda Green

Art is my great escape! It exists in my mind where conformity is unheard of.  It’s where I go to dream, create, and sometimes share with others.  It’s where I can color outside the lines and see in black and white at the same time. Passion is cliché’, but love never goes out of style. 

I’m in love with the art of photography; the often unconsidered.  My camera is my tool, the world around me is my medium, and a different story is told with each photograph I compose.  My subjects are many.  I capture what is often simple and close by.  My travels are short distances in reality, but I travel the world in my mind. Those in their own world going about their day unaware of my presence are my favorite subjects to capture if I had to choose only one. If I am seen, masks come out and the masquerade begins. 


Feelings are hidden and airs are put on, but, just before, sadness, joy, love, and fear are all there, until….  Photography is intimate as it is a part of me that I share.


Wanda Green is an award-winning photographer from Hokes Bluff, Alabama

To view more work by Wanda Green, please visit:

Wanda Green
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