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Exhibiting "Between": An Evening with Russell Everett

A contagious sense of excitement describes Russell Everett’s reception yesterday evening. As Heritage Hall and the Talladega community welcomed Russell and his work to the museum, we enjoyed a talk from the artist about the exhibit and where his career began. We also appreciated an evening of community fellowship and live music with the Lizard Scrape Mountain Loafers.

The night was teeming with awe over how one exhibit could encompass such a variety of media and subject-matter, all of which Russell described during his art talk, explaining how his subject-matter and style reflect what he’s feeling and thinking at the time. For example, some works originate from a sense of fear and apprehension, while others reflect his curiosity about a person, group of people, or the enigmatic aspects of people and places he has been connected with, while others are inspired by his interest in a particular artist.

“Between”, which displays both old and new works by Russell, explores realism, surrealism, art history, cultural realms, as well as the light-hearted and surprisingly beautiful aspects of everyday life. The exhibit presents several different themes, and, although the themes are not themselves connected, we immediately recognize Russell’s style and approach which springs from his inquisitive nature. Each theme is explored using a variety of media such as watercolor, graphite, crayon, and ink. Russell and his work naturally emanate and define one of art’s many roles in our world: art can be a means to explore, gain an understanding, and come to realizations not only about our everyday lives, but also about the people and places that we may not readily approach or understand. Russell utilizes a combination of technical expertise—through his use of color, composition, and, once again, variety of media—with a contagious passion for the lives we lead. Each piece is vibrant and interesting, inviting us to experience the world from the perspective of one who sees excitement and intrigue around every turn.

If you weren’t able to make it to the reception, please visit the museum before July 28th to see this unique collection of work. Also visit our Current Exhibits page to read his artist statements.

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