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Watercolor Society of Alabama's 76th National Exhibition Awards and Reception

Heritage Hall is proud and honored to host the Watercolor Society of Alabama’s 76th National Exhibit. The show displays work from artists across the U.S., and we could not be more excited to present this indescribably impressive collection of work. We were also privileged to hold the opening reception and awards ceremony where the artists were recognized for their talent. We had a great turn-out both from within the community and out of town. Our City Manager, Patrick Bryant, welcomed the members of the Watercolor Society, the artists, and the community members. The artists were then awarded, and the show’s Juror, Ming Franz, expressed her appreciation for the work and the talent on display. Ming took groups around the museum to discuss what influenced her decisions for awarding particular pieces which offered insights into art appreciation from a professional artist’s perspective. Watercolor is a difficult technique to master; therefore, it is rousing and inspiring to be surrounded by a variety of style and subject-matter that all exhibit an in-depth knowledge of and passion for this art form. It is truly an honor to host these artists, their work, and the Watercolor Society of Alabama as a whole, and it is exciting to see Talladega expanding our community to include and exhibit this talent. Please come to the museum and see these pieces; the exhibit will be open from April 7th-May 19th. We hope you will come by, and leave the exhibit inspired and with a new-found appreciation for art’s ability to enrich our everyday experiences and community.

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