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A Celebration of Great Art

Heritage Hall is excited to announce the opening of the February exhibit honoring Black History Month!! The exhibit showcases “Unity Designs” by Larry Allen, and “Drawings and Washes” by Dr. Art Bacon. We are privileged to host two such accomplished artists whose practice offers evidence of the beauty and skill that can develop from the pursuit of a passion. The work encapsulates the potency of what art can be and reminds us why we establish spaces to honor and contemplate such creative work.

“Unity Designs” by Larry Allen encompasses a selection of work inspired by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Its repetitive circles of figures seem to be holding hands and convey a message of harmony and grace. Although each piece feels elegant and effortless, Mr. Allen’s creative process demonstrates the technical skill and artistic hand needed to arrive at each finished product. As stated on his website, each piece is hand-crafted solely by Larry Allen himself, and the results command our attention; the detail, beauty, precision, and elegance of each piece stands alone as captivating work that feels as if its existence is both natural and necessary.

In addition, Dr. Art Bacon’s “Drawings and Washes” exhibits a striking sense of power, while each piece commands instant recognition. Once again, we are faced with artwork whose presence feels necessary and effortless, yet its beauty and honesty could not have been portrayed by anyone other than Dr. Bacon himself. We feel his passion in every mark and brushstroke, as we get the sense that we are not merely observing a static piece of art, but that we are actively engaging with the subject-matter.

Both Larry Allen and Dr. Art Bacon have been recognized and awarded for their talents over the years and new awards and recognition continue. Please don’t miss the chance to engage with this collection of artwork, we look forward to your visit.

The exhibit will be open from Tuesday, February 7th to Friday, March 3rd, and a reception will be held on Thursday, February 9th from 5:30-7:30 PM. Please join us to see the exhibit, meet the artists, and enjoy some great music from the Lizard Scrape Mountain Boys!!!

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