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Orr Family Quilts - 5 Generations of Alabama Stories to Share

The "Coming Home to Alabama: Orr Family Quilts across five generations" exhibit opened on September 13 and will run until October 23.

Sue Ann Goodman, who gave her gallery talk on September 16, is .as the last descendant of the Orr family. has made it her quest to preserve and honor her family’s heritage woven into the beautiful quilts in the exhibit. Sue took on the role of caretaker and restorer of the family’s quilts from her mother. Sue’s journey to discover more about the women who created these quilts led her from Texas to Silver Run, Alabama, where it all began. With this exhibit, we welcome Sue Goodman and the quilts back home!

Heritage Hall Museum is privileged to host this extraordinary quilt collection, share some of the family’s stories and honor the women who created the quilts over five generations.

Everyone has a quilt story. We hope that you will enjoy one family’s journey by marveling at the workmanship and getting to know their stories. Maybe you will also remember and share your own stories. “When we can relate to others' stories, we start sharing ours and we look at each other and smile …”

Watch the video for a sneak peek and please help get the word out! Thank you Audra Gray for the videography and Young Wesley Cutter for photos above.


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