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Announcing "Faces Places, Relics, and Remembrances", an Exhibition of Works by Dr. Art Bac

Heritage Hall has been fortunate to host Dr. Art Bacon for several exhibitions this past year and is proud to share the announcement for his upcoming show in Fairhope, AL. The show: “Faces, Places, Relics, and Remembrances” will be on display at the Eastern Shore Art Center from January 6th-February 25th. If you have been by the museum lately, you will have had the chance to see Dr. Bacon at work, producing captivating paintings with a combination of focused passion, urgency, and ease. His work develops naturally and rhythmically, communicating the gravity of its existence through color and texture, as precisely as with words. Dr. Bacon describes his work saying: “People have always been my subjects of choice; especially older and often neglected people whose struggles show in proud faces. I also often try to preserve doomed elements of our physical environment in my paintings. Of course, some of my pieces are influenced by my experiences during the Civil Rights Movement.” The beauty he captures with each piece seems to come from a necessity to make his subjects seen and acknowledged. Heritage Hall is privileged to have hosted Dr. Bacon while he created many of the pieces in his upcoming exhibition at the Eastern Shore Art Center located in Fairhope. We hope you will make it there to see the exhibit and appreciate this beautiful collection of work created in our community!!

The opening reception for the show will be at the Eastern Shore Art Center, located in Fairhope, on January 6th from 6:00-8:00 PM.

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