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Nanda Patel

Nanda Patel, MAEd

I studied Art in East Africa, India, England and then in the USA at Indiana University and in Gadsden under Professor Mario Gallardo. I have worked with different media and developed different techniques. My desire to paint and create has always existed and only has become stronger with the years.

I have had 3 careers. I trained as a Radiation Therapist in England. I worked in the field for 11 years in England, Chicago, Detroit, Gadsden and Fort Payne, Al. I was a Clinical tutor for RT students at University of Chicago. I also taught Art at an elementary school in Gadsden for 6 years. Lodgings and Hospitality became a third career of 19 years. I owned and operated two franchises. Having lived in Gadsden for 36 years, I have stayed active with many areas of development and growth. 

I serve on the Cardinal Foundation Board for Gadsden State Community College, the Board of the Industrial Development Authority of Gadsden, Greater Gadsden Tourism, Etowah County Chamber of Commerce, and Business Council of Alabama. 

I have recently, in 2022, been appointed and worked with the Alabama Department of Education’s Careers and Technical Education Committee for Science Curricula development and the Alabama Committee of Credentialing and Career Pathways with development of Curriculum for Lodgings and Hospitality. 

My higher Education degrees are from UK, Indiana University and University of Alabama at Birmingham.

I have been married to Dr G Patel, an interventional cardiologist, for the last 43 years. He continues to practice in Gadsden. We have two gorgeous, successful children, both doctors, their spouses and 3 grandchildren (boys).

I have had the privilege to exhibit at the Center of Cultural Arts, Gadsden Museum of Arts and the Walnut gallery. I am looking forward to opening a gallery in Gadsden soon and working with my Art for many years to come.

Nanda Patel
Nanda Patel
Nanda Patel
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