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2021 Art in the Schools Program extended to the fifth grades

For the last 20 years, supported by the Jemison Carnegie Foundation, Heritage Hall Museum has placed an art teacher in the 4th grades in all Talladega City Elementary Schools through its Art in the Schools program. This year, the program has been expanded be extended to the fifth grades with help from federal funds through our great partnership with the Talladega City Schools. Approximately 300 children have received art kits and will receive virtual art lessons through February. Hopefully, artists and teachers Sundi Hawkins and Penny Arnold will be able to teach in person in the schools starting in March. The museum is planning for its KidsART 2021 exhibit showcasing the childrens’ work in June and July. A big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and friends of the museum, without whom this program and any other programming would not be possible.

For more information or any other inquiries please call the museum at or 256-761-1364.


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