Heritage Hall Museum - Community Outreach


The Talladega Heritage Commission is very proud to be instrumental in bringing the arts into the City Elementary School System by sponsoring an Elementary Schools Arts Enrichment Program. By sending art professionals into the classrooms, Heritage Hall is able to introduce the children to Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literary Arts. Each component of the program is held once a week for a period of four weeks and rotates throughout the four elementary schools in the system.

Graham School History Lesson at Heritage Hall Museum

The Graham Elementary School's 4th and 5th grade classes visited Heritage Hall for a Talladega History Lesson. The students gathered in the main galleries to hear how 1908 Carnegie Library Building came to be and how a group of citizens formed to turn the building into Heritage Hall when the new library was built. The students then went downstairs to view portions of Heritage Hall Historic Photograph Collection and learn more about the building from the Preservation Commission president, Nancy Lutchendorf.


Heritage Hall has developed a program to help get art into the community while at the same time working with high school students. This year the project will be for the Public Library’s Children’s Room. We will target at least one project per year, therefore if you are interested in working with Heritage Hall either as a student or community organization, please contact us at (256)761-1364 or through email, hhmuse@bellsouth.net

We would also like to continue to encourage our local schools, clubs and organizations to schedule a formal tour of Heritage Hall.